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| By providing holistic financial products, manila aviation Tanzania’s financial products go farther than the traditional credit generally provided microfinance institutions. We currently offer a range of loans to suit the needs of both individuals and groups

| Individual loans are business loans offered to small and medium established business and aim of the loans to increase working capital into existing businesses.

| The minimum loan amount Tshs 100,000/= with a maximum loan amount of up to Tshs 1,000,000/= loan can be taken over period of one to three months and interest is charged on the reducing balance.

| Requirements individual must have business that process TIN number business license collateral and two years business experience. Guarantees may be person or corporate. They will be an inspecting of collateral and legal perfection of collateral and guarantee period to approval movable collateral may include vehicles, house hold property or business assets and immovable collateral may include as land

| Grouped loans.  A sample case of group loan would involve 5 business people with experience working together, forming a loan group and acting as guarantee to one another. The group receives training from a loan offer covering all areas of the company’s landing methodology basic topics loan use and business plan

| This training also would cover all steps necessary and in the groups formations and procedures, the initial amount of loan for every member in the group varies from Tshs 50,000/= to 350,000/= and there is a maximum loan amount of up to Tshs 5,000,000/= loan can made for a period o three to twelve monthly with weekly / bi-weekly or month payments

| Requirements approval of a group loan requirements that business are located within Manila Aviation at Mtwara Regional designated area in Tanzania, East Africa, Applicants must have a minimum of six years experience in the business loans are not made available for startups successful applications will receive group guarantor ship movable collateral may include vehicle house hold property or business assets and immovable collateral may include land. Approval of a loan will involve inspections of collateral and business assessment. The loan caries no applications


| INDIVIDUAL business loans are reliable and proceed quickly. A top up loan is available and services is provided near residence / business loan payments can made monthly payments and through the mobile phone

| Mobile banking. we can make payments easier for customer by allowing repayments to be made through their mobile phones by using M-Pesa , Tigo Pesa , Airtel Money services , Customers can make payments through their mobile phone , whenever they are no longer have to travel to the offices saving them time and money

| They be applicable for the loan the applicants must be residents within the headquarter / branch of operation office

| The application is the free and their an additional processing of 0% of the loan amount

Loan Protection. Ensuring financing commitments are protected. The loan protection scheme helps are customers in case the unexpected happens allowing them to ensure their financial commitments don’t impact their next of kin and family our loan protection scheme covers the loan of an individual. In the case of death of a customer, whether natural or accidental the outstanding loan balance at y the time of death is paid by through the scheme.



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